Club of Tone dropped EDM banger COMIN’ BACK AROUND with empowering message.

Club of Tone, the Tokyo-based music duo known for their infectious electronic beats, made a statement to their single “COMIN’ BACK AROUND”. The track, which dropped on March 3, 2023, showcases the duo’s signature sound and is already receiving positive feedback from fans and industry professionals alike.

“COMIN’ BACK AROUND” is a high-energy EDM track with catchy vocals and pulsating beats that are sure to get listeners moving. The song is a testament to Club of Tone’s ability to create music that is both uplifting and danceable. The track has already been featured on several popular music playlists and has been gaining attention on social media like TikTok etc.

In a statement, Club of Tone said, “We are thrilled to share COMIN’ BACK AROUND with our people around the world. But ‘COMIN’ BACK AROUND is more than just an EDM track. It carries a powerful message that aims to encourage people to break out of toxic relationships. Our song provides an uplifting anthem for anyone who needs to find the strength to move on from a harmful situation. Our mission to inspire positive change through music shines through in this empowering release.”

With their unique sound and dedication to their craft, Club of Tone continues to cement their place as one of the most exciting acts in the EDM scene. “COMIN’ BACK AROUND” is a testament to their talent and is sure to be a hit with music lovers everywhere.