First album “HEAT” comes in November 2024

On November 1, 2024, we want to release our first album HEAT. We already have a clear idea of which tracks will be included.

On one hand, we thought some people might appreciate having our previously released singles on this album. But, of course, we also want to include new material on HEAT. Otherwise, it would be boring and not really a new album. We are putting a lot of effort into making the whole thing interesting. We were slowed down this year due to Thomas’ hospitalization and significant health issues, but we hope things will move forward more positively now.

Musically, as usual, everything is very catchy, and we believe people will like our new “bangers” as well. It won’t be a concept album; our main focus is really on entertainment. Listeners should be able to forget about everyday life, dance, dream, depending on their mood. Accordingly, we will continue to focus on good hooks and lyrics.

There was actually a major label offer this year, which we had to put on hold due to Thomas’ aforementioned problems. Therefore, the album HEAT will initially be released on November 1, 2024, through our indie label TMM Stardust.

If there are any changes, we’ll let you know on our social media accounts and update this post. However, the release date will remain the same.

Love XO


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