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Club of Tone
Club of Tone

Club of Tone is a music producer duo based in Tokyo, Japan. The duo, consisting of Aina Agena (who is also the main vocalist) and Thomas Alexander Kolbe (who plays the keyboards), came together in December 2022 and started creating music as a successor to their previous project, Topazz.

Club of Tone’s music is heavily influenced by various genres, including house, techno, EDM, dance, eurodance, and French house.

The duo is known for their ability to create catchy melodies and infectious rhythms that keep listeners coming back for more.

While Club of Tone’s music is a reflection of their love for dance and electronic music, they are also vocal about social justice. They believe in promoting equality and inclusivity in all aspects of their work and using their platform to raise awareness about important social issues.

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Tower Records Music (Japan only)

AWA (Japan only)

Netease (China only)


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