Club of Tone Joins “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023” Compilation: A Musical Extravaganza!

We are delighted to announce that Club of Tone’s sensational track “Something About You” has been selected for the highly anticipated “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023” compilation. This compilation of the label Electro Babes brings together an extraordinary lineup of talented artists, each contributing their unique style to create a captivating musical experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and infectious melodies as we take you through the exciting tracklist.


Here is a glimpse of the electrifying tracklist for “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023”:

  1. Silone feat. NX33 – “Find the Light” (Bavaria HQ)
  2. Marc Reason & DJ Mastermind M – “Derb” (Marc Reason Tunes)
  3. MTTFLK – “Always Bigroom” (Extended) (M12 Labs)
  4. TMPC – “Mehr” (17-Music)
  5. Jon + Larsen – “Get Louder” (Extended) (SYK rec)
  6. Skyline Live – “Massive Acid” (Dj Spaxx Remix) (Lotuce Records)
  7. VIRTUAL SUN – “Brain Structure 2023” (Extended) (GOAPSYRECORDS)
  8. DJ Gard – “Perfect Storm” (DNA Revolutions Recordings)
  9. Dance 2 Disco – “Words” (D2D Records)
  10. NEONHELM – “Like Love” (NEONHELM)
  11. Alex Neuge – “My Remedy” (Evake Records)
  12. RFR – “Fly” (Airplay Version) (Fade It Records)
  13. Os Guttene – “Falling” (Extendet Version) (A&S Records)
  14. TWO!NFLUENCES – “Love of Yesterday” (Plattengold Recordings)
  15. Munich Monkey Beats feat. MMB – “Ready for Love” (Munich Monkey Beats)
  16. KRS – “Lay with Me” (Radio Mix) (Wild Records)
  17. Lazaro Marquess – “Need You Right Now!” (Black Lemon Records)
  18. Soundstream – “Maniac” (Edit) (FatCat Records)
  19. DJ Chart – “She’s Like the Wind” (Extended Mix) (I.H. Music Productions)
  20. Patricio AMC – “Stuck in a Dream” (Radio Version) (NorwaySounds)
  21. Kenny Laakkinen & sXloud feat. Tom Luca – “Most Beautiful Girl” (Extended) (Eastparcmusix)
  22. Sebastian Hilgenfeld – “Keep Movin” (Short Edit) (SEBASTIAN HILGENFELD MUSIC)
  23. Club of Tone – “Something About You” (TMM Stardust)
  24. Manuel Christill – “4Good” (Rec.Ort Giessen)
  25. L!MP x Frank Zeising – “Dreamer” (3H Dance Records)
  26. Golden Drill & Oliver Hawk – “Love” (Radio Mix) (HAWK & NOVA Music)
  27. Damon Paul – “My Life” (Dirty House Tunes)
  28. Giuseppe Alicata – “Take Me to Your Heart” (Hitmix) (Alicata Music)

Release Date and Celebration

On September 1st, 2023, “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023” will be unleashed, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey into the world of Bigroom House music. Join us as we celebrate this remarkable release, showcasing the best of the genre and offering an unforgettable musical experience.

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Club of Tone is honored to be part of the illustrious “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023” compilation, alongside an incredible lineup of talented artists. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with infectious beats, euphoric melodies, and a celebration of Bigroom House music. Save the date, follow us on social media, and get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating energy of “BIGROOM HOUSE OF BRAZIL 2023.” Let the music ignite your soul and keep the dancefloor alive!